My Research

My PhD thesis deals with the concept of the beach body in natural and media environments and how it relates to body image. In the following video, I explain why I find this topic worth researching and what I am hoping to contribute to through my study:

I am particularly passionate about beach body research in different mediatized and non-mediatized contexts, hence it’s an absolute privilege for me to study this topic within my PhD thesis.

Apart from this, I have a very broad interest in appearance research, especially when it comes to interdisciplinary approaches that combine psychological, socio-cultural and media communications perspectives.

If you happen to be female and have spent the past summer season (2019) in either the UK or Australia, I would be entirely thankful if you could spare about 10 minutes to complete my below survey. As a thank you, you can choose to be entered into a lottery drawing to win one out of 30 Amazon vouchers in the total amount of 500 GBP/ 900 AUD. Thank you so much!



Ladies from the UK, please complete the survey here:


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